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The Corridor Crew is not affiliated with NavigatorsWay in any way whatsoever.  My guess is they may think NavigatorsWay is odd at the very least.  Opinions expressed on NavigatorsWay are in no way endorsed or embraced by the Crew.  The Corridor Crew are some really talented film professionals that NavigatorsWay happens to agree with their “alien” explanations.  NavigatorsWay does have membership to Corridor Crew Digital and it is recommended for those wanting to learn advanced animation techniques.

The Corridor Crew Debunkers

These videos are listed as restricted on YouTube.  However, they did bleep out the bad language for the most part.  

The Corridor Crew Experts use technical knowledge of video camera limitations to debunk government alien claims.

NavigatorsWay believes the military released easily explainable phenomena as UFOs to raise money from gullible government officials. Billions of dollars are literally at stake.  “Scientists” are getting in on the action saying we shouldn’t be afraid but we should spend more money on their research.  Fake, fake, fake.


More from the Crew below. 

Tic-Tac Debunked

A MUST WATCH debunk video


Congress considering legislation to declassify UFO information in 2024 similar to release of JFK assassination records. Tell me, are we any closer to the identity of those behind JFKs assasination?  

Tic-Tac Debunked, Again

Interesting note on Navy Commander David Fravor is what appears to be a fake Linked-in bio.  There is no photo and nothing adds up about “DMF Consulting” he supposedly works for.  No news outlet covering the story provides background details of the “whistleblowers.”  This just adds fuel to the fire that this whole thing is bogus.  After 29 years in the military aviation the one thing I know is, the vast majority of military aviators never saw a UFO. People want to believe including some pilots, they are human.  The one time I saw something irregular turned out to be light reflecting from a flooded out area on the ground reflecting on the cockpit glass. I would have testified too had I not recognized the visual illusion. Fravor testified to footage from 20 miles away of a UFO dot. But, we saw no footage of the object that passed 1/2 mile from Fravor.   Fake, fake, fake, fake. The real tell this is fake comes from the terrible imagery in the 2004 and later advanced weapon systems Fravor flew. I flew the A6-E which had been retired some 10-15 years earlier that would have had 100 times clearer images.  

The Alien History Channel

If the History Channel cannot explain it, it must be Alien.