Secular Humanism

Practicing the Religion of Naturalism

Does a secular humanist have faith that God does not exist?  Well, of course they do.  They evangelize their faith, they have killed millions for their faith, yet still try to claim moral high ground on any topic.

Built on a foundation of sin, denigrating God and lifting of man.  

Secular Humanist Indoctrination 

Secular humanists claim moral high ground, all the while, do not believe in objective realities.  It is a philosophy based on nothingness.  

Evolution, gap theory, day age theory, theistic evolution, intelligent design, and framework hypothesis all break the Bible.  Saying you believe in the Bible and parts of the Religion of Naturalism buys you no points with atheists.  

Why believe in the research of atheists and ignore the research of faithful christians?  To please the world.