Gender – This Generations BAAL

Signs you are bowing to Baal:


  1. Agreeing with the cultures definition of marriage between two human animals, over God’s design.
  2. Following the values of culture from clothing to language, over seeking sanctifiation.
  3. Acceptance of an atheist worldview, over a Biblical worldview.  
  4. Seeking the praise of men, over praising the Savior.
  5. Agreeing with secular culture group-think, over teachings in Scripture.
  6. Seeking secular self actualization, behavior modification, or non-Biblical therapies, over sanctification.
  7. Acceptance of cultural identity definitions, over being identified as one of Jesus sheep.

The Hollywood Gay Agenda

The Gospel of Christ

15 Minute Video

Philosophy of Self

Existential lie baked into every cultural media production.

Rachel Jankovic

8 Minute Video

Breaking down secular brain washing.

Have we constructed our own fake self that distorts your Christian worldview and loss of understanding who you are?

The Compromised Church

Fight for Truth

18 Minute Video

Preachers have become bulldogs on racism of white people and soft on homosexuality.  Funny that is the parallel approach of the culture.  

If you find your church looking like the culture, run.

Transgender logical fallacies

Ben Shapiro 

5 Minute Video

The world follows satan

Here is how Wiki says you change your gender.

Any Christian that does not think satan is active in this world has their head in the sand.

Respect my choice to be Christian. 


Detransition: The Wounds That Won’t Heal

Dr. Jordon B. Peterson

2 Hour detailed analysis of transition horrors.

Transgender Regret

10 Min video of crushed lives.


Helena’s Story

 Must see, eye witness to the brain washing of the left.

Planned Parenthood provided testosterone shots with no evaluation.