Courtesy of David Revis Ministries

Why Earth Age Matters

It is no wonder why so many laypeople of the church do not trust what is in the Bible, many pastors don’t.  Most pastors believe parts or most but not all of God’s Word.  Regarding earth age, pastors are all over the place, for no good reason.  Well, except for over thinking it and trusting secular man over God. Pastors of all people should understand not believing the Bible’s history as history, undermines Christ as Creator and Sustainer.  How far of a leap is it for the secular world to then deny Jesus as savior once Genesis 1-11 is denied?

Calling out the church podcast.

One of the greatest theologians in the modern era fell for the old earth lie.  RC Sproul was a “Framework Hypothesis” believer until 2008, when he took the “view” that God created the earth in 6 days.  Yet, he still allowed for millions of years and was not firm on his understanding of creation.  See articles linked to the right for more on RC.

Why did it take so long for such a great theologian to consider the truth of the Bible as truth?  Why did he call it a complicated topic? Who knows, but often in the halls of academia God’s word is twisted beyond recognition.  Theologians have decided too many times man’s word is greater than Genesis 1-11.  So sloppy, careless, and lazy that the devil has leveraged theologians to erode the very foundation of truth.  This is no minor secondary issue, this is the Genesis 3:15 attack on the Bible of our day. Millions of years is pushed by secularists to unhinge Christians from their faith.  They are seeking this as they hate God.  So for a Christian to try and appease these people is self-destructive to any apologetic. 

I urge every pastor that does not hold to a six day literal creation to stop everything you are doing and examine the evidence on this site.  You must stop fearing “Science” like it is the boogie man.  Your flock is leaving the church in college because you tell them Genesis is a fairy tale or you give them some whacky hermeneutic to have a dual belief in a young and old earth.  At the end of the day, you eviscerated the gospel for satan by blowing up the Bible’s very foundation of who we are, why we need a savior, and knowing what our purpose having inherited the Kingdom of God. 

Yes, I realize this is strong, but just think about the implications.  And why reject the science conducted by Christians to show the earth is young in favor of the atheist old earth worldview whose ultimate purpose is to undermine Christ.  It makes no sense.