From “Christian Evolutionists” to Evolution Worship Centers

Repent from what? By what standard?”  

What is the purpose of life for creations made from stardust by random processes?



The concept of evolution will not exist in heaven as we praise the Creator, who spoke all things into existence 6,000 years ago, who will affirm the Word of God is historically true, for His Word has proclaimed it to be so from the beginning.

Discovery Institute

Phillip E. Johnson- Wrote the original book on the Intelligent Design Movement, Darwin on Trial.  IDM combined with Theistic Evolution are like peanut butter and jelly.  This organization is not welcome at the university or school board because they advocate a God and seem to take a stand on sin.  While the evil evolution represents is unavoidable, Discovery Institute appears to try and stay clear of the heretical.  These guys see the creator, but cannot read the plain text of Genesis and believe those words due to the fog  intellectualism causes.  And this same intellectualism when injected into the pulpit, is causing evil to break out and turn churches into false-religionists and deists. 

John LennoxHis arguments have been refuted many times over and the evidence is clearly pointing to the Biblical account of history. A really nice and sincere guy with great zeal for God, but wrong on origins and silent on sin. We ask Dr. Lennox to go to Answers in Genesis and present his arguments there, and then react to AiG views on the same evidence.   Here is a review of Dr. Lennox’s book.  Also, his website is vacant of any cultural stands.  The western world is on fire with sexual sin and John is silent.  Apologetics should defend the Bible first at the point of attack coming from the lost culture. The topics John defends are pretty safe ground to tread for a PHD.  There are the academic secularists out there that debate him on the question of God’s existence.  But, on the culture front, secularists are vocal and winning while John remains silent, so he is welcomed to stay in academia, as long as he stays in his corner on the culture front.  

Andy Stanley – The poster child of warning to “Christian evolutionists”.  Look what happens when you go full on science over God’s word.  It is an inevitable conclusion to the false religionist. His worship center is anything but Christian.

Cross Examined –  Big Bang believers that are not welcomed at universities as they do take a stand against sin.  They do have a modicum of distain for Christians that believe God’s Word on creation, based on the way creationists were discussed in the  “How Old is the Universe” podcast. The claim was made about creationists blindly believing this or that, which is not true. This podcast was a sloppy attempt to defend evolution using gap theory, day age theory, and theistic evolution in a mishmash of incoherent thought and zero Biblical discernment. A tour de big bang of a mess.

I would not call this group heretical, like Biologs below.  They do take a stand on sin and we can certainly agree on that.  And they do have good apologetic information outside of origins, so do go see that.  However, believing in evolution is a stumbling block for sanctification and will cause people to drift away due to the evil evolution represents.  

BiologosA heretical organization that is welcomed at the university due to their approval of cultural sin. Why would anyone trust Christ when the foundation of Christianity cannot be trusted?  They have a policy as an organization to not discuss the cultural sexual wildfire of sin going on.  Rather, they spend 100% of their time attacking the authority of scripture and calling out the true Church as uneducated hayseeds.  However, the founder, Francis Collins, is all in as a Pagan Religion Leftist Nationalist, better known as communist.

“It is a travesty that young people who begin the journey of following Jesus are told that they have to believe something which a little science education makes clear cannot possibly be the case.” – Biologos

No Biologs, the travesties are the heresies, sin, and lies young people learn from foolish pagan religionists.  -NavigatorsWay

Woke False Religionist

House of Heresy

“Less than Honest”

The Real Biologos


Religious Naturalist Association.  Naturalism is a view that all that exists and all that occurs is due to natural processes.  RNA believes this definition and further worships the creation.  They do not see God active in the world and certainly deny the existence of the Holy Spirit.  Heretical, here are their tenets of “belief”.  These people are under a works based belief of trying to be good enough before an unknown God.  This is the definition of idol worship.  They have this loosely defined “Chaplain Certification” where they are looking for people willing to put on a collar and evangelize naturalism.  Check out Michael Dowd in a green shirt and white choker collar proclaiming, “Reality is my God. Evidence is my scripture.”  This is the epitome of false religionist in America today, that kneel at  Darwin’s alter.  These people frequent Unitarian Universalist circles.  Here is another creation worshiper Thomas Berry.  They will quote from scripture, then quote each other to bring about some “synergy of creation and soul”.  This is from hell.  What we find is these earth worshipers have a loosely connected well financed set of organizations that give each other awards.  Take a look at “Sister” Miriam Therese MacGillis, a disciple of Dowd, is presented the Thomas Berry award. One last stop on this earth worship religion tour is Kosmos, a place of, what the the heck is going on?   A complete loss of reality, where food is written about as a sacrament.  

We love the efforts Matt Walsh has taken to fight the wildfire of pedophilia that is taking our kids by storm.  Matt is a warrior.  He is also an evolutionist and put a lot of his critiques of Creationists in a video.  Here those arguments are debunked, in love Matt.  

Evolution sometimes leads to false-religionists (Biologos), being ok with abortion, same sex marriage, transgenderism, and/or other unrighteousness.  No doctrine = No standard.  Jesus tells us to flee from these false religionists.


The great irony for these people will be to watch what happens when the Big Bang fizzles?  It is going to.  Prominent evolutionists are seeing the gaps in the bone, cosmology, and geologic evidence.  Maybe then these folks will read the plain text and believe it.

“Christian Evolutionists”, no such thing.




Kolbe Center – for Catholics.  We were not sure where to classify them, so linked from here for now.

Richard Nelson – It was not immediately apparent what Richard believes on his site.  But, there are excellent research links here.