Resources from the Gender+ class.

The normalization of sin is God’s test upon the church.




Link to the

Southern Cross Underground

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The below link takes you to the Underground site and provides research links for Christians to see what they are up against in the LGBTQ+ unrighteousness.  Only in a sinful church can this be seen as a subtle attack on God.  God is Holy and the LGBTQ+ movement is unholy. Churches that lower the priority of God’s holiness are not true churches.  To say that you can be saved and unrepentant is an impossibility for the believer and the devil’s lie.

 LGBTQ+ Research

When finished with the research above, the below is the consistent antidote.


Know, Trust, Obey

Link to the antidote of satanic culture indoctrination.  Unchanged since the foundation of the world.