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God is not a God for Klingons


The latest, “science” says aliens don’t exist because

No kidding, reputable scientists are postulating we came from aliens!  Evidence for evolution is falling apart day by day, they are shifting the proof of evolution to distant unknown civilizations because of their deep faith in the Religion of Naturalism. Since the proofs of evolution are not panning out on earth, they figure we must have been engineered off world.




Alien Intrusion Documovie


Alien Intrusion – 2018 Film

Interview with Gary Bates



The UFO Conspiracy Documovie


YouTube (Rumble) Released 2004, a spiritual view.  

It cannot be denied the government has been dangling the idea of aliens in front of us for over 80 years.  All the while, funding research in the billions and politicians lining pockets of their friends with not a shred of real evidence ever presented.  In 1966, then house minority leader Gerald Ford led in approving $500,000 (Equivalent of $4.8 Million in 2023) in grant money for the University of Colorado to research LGMs.  They produced a 1,465 page ($341 per page or $3,300 per page in 2023) report which concluded alien research is a waste of time.  The good that came out of this government waste was the Ford’s discovered Vail Colorado where they purchased their fist property in 1967!  This later led to their purchasing the  Veil “Winter White House“.  This house sold for $6.6 Million in 2014.  Who says our tax dollars are not well spent?  At least the Ford’s came out alright.



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