Apologetics Examples


Voddie Baucham

Apologetics for Atheists

This is heresy.  To believe we serve the Creator of the universe, who indwells us by the Holy Spirit, but has no power over sin.  And, he is advocating (this ain’t preachin) for Christians to accept open sin. This is insane from a Biblical perspective. Everyone should look up what the Bible says about men who make up a new thing.

Skip ahead to 31:35 to hear the meat.  Durbin freezes Stanley on why he believes in Christ, awesome apologist!

“Unhitch”, smoke and mirrors. For Stanley, the Bible is not sufficient!  Will Stanley endorse 2 women and 1 man mirage?  Or does Andy have a sin line in 1 person to 1 person mirage?

Answers in Genesis

“If “science” and the Bible conflict, science must win”.  Nonsense Andy! What does Stanley ground his new definition of sin?  Stanley invalidates the authority of the Word.

Because we love you we beg you to repent.


Stanley: If there had been no resurrection there would be no Bible, correct?”  This question is an informal fallacy. To posit the Bible exists due only to the resurrection actually occurring infers there might not have been a resurrection. This is a clear denial of the OT assurity and zero understanding of redemption.  And to say the resurrection is superior to the Word of God is to not understand God or Faith. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”.  Stanley is as confused by the Bible as any word of faith false teacher. His “sequential” hermeneutic is a mess and leads to false conclusions.

Because we have a Word that is more sure, there was no doubt there would be a resurrection and why Christ chastised the apostles for their unbelief.  Stanley’s position is intellectually vacant at best and deceptive at worst.  Stanley is a deceiver using logical fallacy arguments such as preaching election, but not believing it.