Apologetics Overview use cases

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Apologetics Overview Class supplemental videos are below.  In addition, there is a link to apologetics self-study lessons under the Creation Menu above.

Science, the Bible, and Defending our Faith.

Douglas Wilson

Apologetics: Debating atheist philosophy 

Defending the Faith in a Hostile World

Voddie Baucham

Apologetics: Engaging the culture

Biblical Authority

Ken Ham

Apologetics: Strengthening the church

Apolgetics Defined

Voddie Baucham

Biblical Authority is not presented as emotional experience, feeling nor sheepishly.   You do not have to apologize to begin apologetics nor do you have to be a super Biblical scholar to declare clear truth.  

Fun debunking evolution



Nothing produced everything, including thumbs

An atheist perspective.

Men and Women are biologically defined, duhh.  In an atheist worldview, you know absolutely nothing.  Here is proof.