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4 Min Intro Video


The below videos are broken into separate lessons to use in discipleship/apologetics classes.  There are many resources on this site that are excellent for this purpose.  This page is provided to help organize your first few classes.

The video to the left is an excellent kick-off.  Apologetics defends our beliefs.  Since the first century, attacks on Genesis 1-11 are most often leveled.  Today, that attack is organized under something called evolution.

To be clear, on this site, we reject evolution as a fact but rather a theory of how man explains the universe if there were no God.

Session 1

Session 2

Genesis Paradise Lost Trailer

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This can be a multi-session event

The film is 1:40 and can be spilt into various sessions.

Session 3

Session 4

Session 5


Sessions 6-7


15 Min Warmup



  • Watch the 15 minute warmup to the left, then go to the Evil page and watch the sermons on this fascinating topic.


Sessions 8-10


3 Min Warmup


Millions of Years

Where did that idea come from?

3 Part Presentation (25 Min Each)

Dr. Terry Mortenson