Phillip Johnson

“The place to begin is with the biblical passage that is most relevant to the evolution controversy. It is not in Genesis; rather, it is the opening of the Gospel of John.”

  • Phillip Johnson

“I myself would adopt [young-earth creation] in a heartbeat except that nature seems to present such strong evidence against it. . . . In our current mental environment, informed as it is by modern astrophysics and geology, the scientific community as a whole regards young-earth creationism as untenable.”

-William Dembski


Discovery Institute – Phillip Johnson (IDM)

Phillip E. Johnson- Wrote the original book on the Intelligent Design Movement, Darwin on Trial.  IDM has provided arguments against evolution, at the same time, many problems still exist. Intelligent Design simply is not enough.   This organization is not welcome at the university or school board because they advocate a God and seem to take a stand on sin.  While the evil evolution represents is unavoidable, Discovery Institute appears to try and stay clear of the heretical.  These guys see the creator, but do not read the plain text of Genesis and believe those words due to the fog  intellectualism causes.  And this same intellectualism when injected into the pulpit, is causing the youth to not trust scripture. But, they do stand up to heretic, Francis Collins from BioLogos.