John Lennox

A really sincere Christian, that has origins completely wrong.  Genesis is written historically in every sense of language and no amount of PHD gymnastics can change that.  Lennox is your guy if you want to pack evolution into the Bible, but the atheists in the halls of academia will still laugh at you, until you also start waving the LGBTQ+ flag.

“We don’t wish to appear scientifically illiterate and bring the Christian message into disrepute.”


John Lennox – Popular Christian Apologist

His arguments have been refuted many times over and the evidence is clearly pointing to the Biblical account of history. A really nice and sincere guy with great zeal for God, but wrong on origins. We ask Dr. Lennox to go to Answers in Genesis and present his arguments there, and then react to AiG views on the same evidence.   Here is a review of Dr. Lennox’s book.   His arguments ultimately eviscerate God as the creator as described in God’s own account of history.  He says creationists do not know the difference in literature and history, when in fact is it he that has this problem.

Lennox’s website is vacant of any cultural stands.  The western world is on fire with sexual sin and John is silent.   The topics John defends are pretty safe ground to tread for a PHD in the world of philosophic academia. However, on the culture front secularists are vocal while John remains silent. John is welcomed to stay in academia, as long as he stays in his corner on the culture front, and atheists appreciate that.  After all, the atheist position is ultimately to excuse all sin and deny there is a hell so they can sleep better at night. 

Also, Lennox is a never-Calvinist free will doctrine believer.  It makes sense as a free will believer that Genesis is just an allegory.  God’s sovereignty is second to mans will in that theology.