Religious Naturalist Association

People is green choker collar shirts worshipping earth.

Reality is my God. Evidence is my scripture.


Religious Naturalist Association.  Naturalism is a view that all that exists and all that occurs is due to natural processes.  RNA believes this definition and further worships the creation.  They do not see God active in the world and certainly deny the existence of the Holy Spirit.  Heretical, here are their tenets of “belief”.  These people are under a works based belief of trying to be good enough before an unknown God.  This is the definition of idol worship.  They have this loosely defined “Chaplain Certification” where they are looking for people willing to put on a collar and evangelize naturalism.  Check out Michael Dowd in a green shirt and white choker collar proclaiming, “Reality is my God. Evidence is my scripture.”  This is the epitome of false religionist in America today, that kneel at  Darwin’s alter.  These people frequent Unitarian Universalist circles.  Here is another creation worshiper Thomas Berry.  They will quote from scripture, then quote each other to bring about some “synergy of creation and soul”.  This is from hell.  What we find is these earth worshipers have a loosely connected well financed set of organizations that give each other awards.  Take a look at “Sister” Miriam Therese MacGillis, a disciple of Dowd, is presented the Thomas Berry award. One last stop on this earth worship religion tour is Kosmos, a place of, what the the heck is going on?   A complete loss of reality, where food is written about as a sacrament.