They/Them Cannot handle the Truth

To Biologos I ask, “Repent from what? By what standard?”

This is a leftist organization. Even if you believe in 13.7 billion years, I urge you to run from this heretical dumpster fire.




To the right is my recent blocked topic on their forum. It lasted 29 minutes and was taken down.  That is faster than the liberals at YouTube react.  They have no Biblical doctrine and are  unorthodox going back to the founder.  Secular in every way, Andy Stanley should be on their board of directors.

Andy gets them.


Post-Log 2/9/2023

Before submitting the below blog on the Biologos website, I scanned the site for a statement of faith.  I found one that was of little use, lacking detail.  Then I searched their articles and found enough couched deconstruction language of the left to cause concern.  But, their website and the internet is very clean of any connection of unBiblical social concerns and Biologos. In fact, the internet is so clean that they absolutely must have the data professionally cleaned from the internet (You can pay for that).  But wait, it’s no secret, the founder of Biologs, Francis Collins is a supporter in a big way of Pride.  NIH Link.  At the end of the day, Biologos is a heretical organization to the nth degree.  I did not know all of this going in, but with just a little discernment, this was easy to predict.

What are the colors of Biologos?

Reprint of a blog posted to Biologos:

The American culture is being overrun with the satinic, the Grammys are just the latest example. We can excuse it away and say the self-proclaimed he/she/they was making fun of satan and that is all. But really, on this forum are there others that would agree with him/her/them? I see churches across the country that have bought into evolution and what do they become? Andy Stanley of course. He has no doctrine and is merely a philosopher that hangs everything on a handful of versus. Certainly unorthodox and the case for false teacher is so easy to make a 1st grader could do it. So, setting that stage for my question, I came to this site after quite an absence and searched LGBTQ and got nothing. Not one hit. You do address the cultural issue of racism in church (not in the streets that are burning America to the ground, but in the church). However, not a whimper of the real current and existing wildfire of pedophilia that has taken our children by storm. I began wondering, though you believe we evolved from a monkey then some miracle happened (I assume you guys give way to a miracle here) and God “created” or metaphorically imagined man and on the other hand I believe God created as Genesis notes, could we perhaps lock arms in solidarity on some real spiritual depravity issues our nation faces? You guys are about God I understand, so let’s get real here, rubber on the road and such. Do you agree:

  • Transgenderism is a sin
  • LGBTQ lifestyle is a sin
  • CRT is being used to move people off a Biblical answer to racism and in fact when unpacked CRT leads to racism.
  • Marriage outside of a man and woman is a sin
  • Ending the life of a baby in the womb is a sin
  • Ending the life of a baby that is born, then 5 minutes later suffocated, is murder and a sin
  • If we don’t repent from sin and believe in Christ, we spend an eternity in hell.

The Bible calls for us to call the world to repentance. My question for the big minds at Bilogs is this, what do you say we must repent from and can we agree the above are on the list?

Surly Christianity has not slid so far into the abyss that we cannot agree on these basic orthodox understandings from a simple reading of the text (that I believe all of you do believe at least parts of). How about it, can we lock arms? 




Here is what Biologos replied to the above after deleting the post:

I deleted your post and unlisted the topic as we have as a matter of policy to not enter the culture wars of sexuality, but rather to stay confined to the faith-science discussion as much as possible. There are other places on the internet you can find that will welcome that topic, but that is not our purpose or calling so we will leave it to others. Thank you for your understanding.  P*** M******, Moderator, 2/9/2023, 4:11 PM

My Reply:

Better put, you have no doctrine and are ok with the wildfire of pedophilia taking the kids in the disguise of transgenderism. Really, what is the purpose of Biologos if you have no position on the immorality of the culture and leading a Biblical turnaround? I  lay a wager that Biologos is LGBTQ friendly, supports gay marriage, and is in favor of abortion. What a waste to sit around and talk about 13.7 billion years with no morality to go with it, on a site that advertises God. God’s Word. God’s World. A phrase of emptiness if you cannot start every conversation with Biblical truth and end with Biblical truth. Repent has a meaning, for Biologos I ask, “Repent from what? By what standard?”