Block Porn

The major way the culture is corrupting children is the internet.  For all of the good on it, ten times more is evil. This is the underlying evil that has so many people turning to transgenderism and destroying the culture.

Technology giants are ensuring porn blocking laws are not passed by the government because porn is a $100 Billion industry (Bigger than the NFL, MLB, and NHL combined).  Porn sites send data to Google, Facebook, etc.  Everybody is making money.

Average age of first time porn exposure: 11

84% of children that see porn for the first time is an incidental internet search.




 Block porn from your electronics.

Seek God’s Righetousness

Domain Name Service (DNS)

DNS is the technology that takes a web name ( and turns it into a number like a street address.

DNS Filters block those addresses going to content you want to block.

Apps that filter both WiFi and Cellular connections.

Once installed, parents select the DNS filter and an app passcode lock.  

Below are DNS services that are options in the above apps. In addition, information at these links show you how to put the DNS filters in your home router so even guests at your home on the WiFi will have filtered internet content.