Flat Earth

Are you kidding me?

Why Flat Earth?

Flat earth believers say there is a global conspiracy to trick all people.  This is a great example where secular “science” and Scientific Creationism agree on the interpretation of operational facts.  Here is a secular science review of flat earth. Christian Scientists agree with Scientific Methods in areas of operational science.

Falling for a Flat Earth

Students are taught and the internet is full of claims that hayseed Christians invented flat earth.  False claims further say that the Bible shows a flat earth.  It is all False.

Justin Peters showing us with scientific observation a slam dunk surety the earth is round.

Justin Peters, Flat Earth 2.

Christian Scientist Refutes Flat Earth

Unsurprisingly, flat earth believers include unorthodox Christians, atheists, and people with anti-semitic beliefs.

Astronaut Refutes Flat Earth

Why do we need to discuss this?  Because there is an effort to pin this false teaching as sourced from Christianity and the Bible.