About Us

We are an apologetics teaching resource, in training.  The idea is to prepare the resources here that would be used for in-class presentations later. 



Statements of Faith

NavigatorsWay ascribes to:

Confession of 1689 – In matters relating to Biblical understanding.

AiG Statement of Faith – In matters relating to the creation as history.

1680 Orthodox Catechism – In matters defining orthodoxy. 


This site does not monetize anything at this time. We do encourage you to support ministries linked on this site.


Navigating to truth in a culture where the atheist worldview has lost its collective minds.  

  • Science confirms the unchanging Biblical account of creation better than the ever-changing philosophy of atheist evolution.
  • While God is revealed in the physical realm, the heavenly realm and the gift of a regenerated heart is understood only in scripture.
  • Creation reveals the glory of God.



Why do you call it NavigatorsWay?

I served 32 years in the military flying as a weapons officer, bombardier navigator, and navigator in variants of the F4, A6, and C130.  I initially earned Navigator wings in the US Air Force.  So, the site name is a play on my military aviation career and what the site is all about.