About Us

Providing resources to followers of the way, fighting the dark and evil world that continues to encircle us.



Statements of Faith

NavigatorsWay ascribes to:

Confession of 1689 – In matters relating to Biblical understanding.

AiG Statement of Faith – In matters relating to the creation as history.

1680 Orthodox Catechism – In matters defining orthodoxy. 


This site does not monetize anything at this time. We do encourage you to support ministries linked on this site.


Navigating to truth in a culture where the atheist worldview has lost its collective minds.  

  • Science confirms the unchanging Biblical account of creation better than the ever-changing philosophy of atheist evolution.
  • While God is revealed in the physical realm, the heavenly realm and the gift of a regenerated heart is understood only in scripture.
  • Creation reveals the glory of God.



Why do you call it NavigatorsWay?

I served 32 years in the military flying as a weapons officer, bombardier navigator, and navigator in variants of the F4, A6, and C130.  I initially earned Navigator wings in the US Air Force.  This site helps Christians easily navigate to doctrines of truth and apologetic resources that defend those doctrines.  So, the site name is a play on my military aviation career and what the site is all about.