Lies, Hoaxes, Scientific Dishonesty, and Evolution

Evolution exists for one reason, to refute Biblical authority.  It was dead before it started and now Science proves it.  Below are icons of evolution that turn out to be fake or errored analysis of the data by those desperate to shake their fists at the Creator.

Go beyond the creature and worship the Creator.

AIG – Evolution Over Time

Operational Science Poster

1 Question for Mr. Dawkins

Lies on Top of Lies

Here is the extent of “proofs” you came from a monkey instead of special creation by God.  The fossil record is empty of transitional forms and “Science” now looks to “Punctuated Equilibrium” to fill in the huge evidence gap.  They say at certain times there was fast evolution, leaving no transitional forms.  Rather than an evolutionary proof, it is proof the theory is dead.  If fast evolution happened in the past, it must occur at times today, which is yet another proof evolution is a hoax as this has NEVER been observed.

Andrew Snelling

The rocks have been lying from the halls of academia for over a century.  If science were about discovery, why did Andrew have to sue the government to be able to pull a few samples from the Grand Canyon?  Because “Science” is now a persona, a religion, complete with dogma.









Millions of years is their alter.

Sadly, they all chose the wide road.


“If the bearded man shows up we are good to go.”

She followed the science, until it pointed to a young earth.  She just wants creationists to “just go away” and “they don’t care about Jesus”.

“When science and (the Bible) conflict, science must win.”

-Heretic Andy Stanley


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