Privacy Policy

who we are

personal data collection is a page only site at this time.  We are not placing post pages or memberships.  NavigatorsWay is not collecting or retaining any personally identifiable information..  

embedded media

NavigatorsWay does link to video sources, mostly Vimeo and YouTube.  Like every big tech firm out there, they may collect data.  Check their user policies for data they collect and retain.

aggregation data

NavigatorsWay uses Matomo for aggregation data such as number of site visits, number of video plays, etc.   This data is like page counters, etc.  We do not integrate our data with any other site.  We use Matomo to avoid Google integrations.  This does not stop Google from dropping trackers on you that see you visited our site.  But, we do not pass this information to them or any other entity.