Cut the Cord and de-fund Woke

Cut the cable / satellite cord and watch less secular TV. Spend more time in the Word and service to Him.  You won’t believe your life change when the TV goes lights out. Who needs the NFL, CNN, ESPN, etc. anyway?  

Redeem your life.

We recommend ROKU over FireStick and AppleTV because those apps can run in the ROKU.  That way, you are not stuck in the Apple Store like when you have an AppleTV.

ROKU Channels

PureFlix – Family entertainment like Netflix without any MA rated smut.  $70/yr.

Hallmark Movies Now.  59.99/yr

Roku Channel – Classic TV. Free

ShoutTV – Classic TV.  Free

Pluto – Free TV

VUDU – Rent and Buy movies.

Movies Anywhere – Rent and Buy movies.

The First – Conservative News

NewsMax – Conservative News


ROKU Christian Channels

Add these channels from the Roku.

Answers.TV – Excellent Christian resources. $39/yr

Awesome Science TV – Excellent Science Content.  $69.99/yr

AGTV – Excellent Christian resources. $65/yr

RedeemTV – Christian entertainment. $25/yr

SingingNewsTV – Christian music and classic tv/movies. $99/yr

Genesis Science Network – Free

These prices may seem high, but the monthly cost is $36 for everything listed here. 

What about sports?  It depends on what sports you watch.  If you need all of the networks and watch all sports, just get cable. 

You can switch between YouTubeTV, FuboTV, DirecTVNow, and Sling to get 4 free weeks.  Also, Satellite Radio is a great option.  No more having to watch 2 dudes going at it on commercials.  



ROKU TV Casting

With ROKU you can cast some content from your phone.  Here are some examples.

YouTube – Add the YouTube channel (not YouTube TV) to ROKU. You can go to YouTube on the computer, save things you want to watch and then see them in big screen on ROKU. Add these to your favorites on you computer:

  • Wretched
  • The Beat