Roku – A device that connects to your TV and streams internet content.  

I urge you to cut the cord and stream Christian content.

Your cable and satellite bills fund woke by taking portions of your money and giving it to the content providers (CNN, Disney, etc.) for the “privilege” of broadcasting their content.  Defund them!!  And, at the same time fund Christian content creators for the fraction of what you are donating to satans minions. Are you ready to join the culture war or is the rocking chair that comfortable?

Roku Set-up Instructions


Recommended channels included in the Set-up Instructions are also linked below.


  • Download the YouTube app on the Roku
  • Go to YouTube on your computer and save the channels on this link YouTube  to your favorites
  • Creation Research is a YouTube channel that plays 24/7 like TV.


Roku Secular Channels

  • ShoutTV – Classic TV. Free
  • Pluto – Free TV
  • We recommend not subscribing to secular tv.  If you must YouTube.TV is recommended.  YouTubeTV is different from YouTube.

Roku News Channels


  • The Weather Network


Cut the Cord and Defund Woke

Cut the cable / satellite cord and watch less secular TV.  Our cable bill funds go directly to fund wokeness.  Cable companies pay money to all of the most woke channels for the “privilege” of broadcasting their content. That is money directly from you to a ABC to help produce Modern Family.  Since 2007, fees these companies charge cable and satellite to retransmit their signal have gone up approx. 700%.

Do you have kids or grandkids to influence?  Are those children and young adults equipped to manage the sin onslaught from the culture? 

At NavigatorsWay, we submit not even the adults are equipped to live in the culture and not be impacted by it, absent a full-on sanctified life.  Satanic culture has infected down to nearly every commercial and the only answer to stop the indoctrination is cut the cord.  Anybody that thinks this indoctrination can be stopped by saying, “oh you know that is wrong, right?” every 5 minutes to your kids is a fool.  As we look at the number of unorthodox churches now, it is a direct result of the members of those churches being of this world.  God is separating the wheat from the chaff in His church.  Mortify sin by eliminating culture from your house.  Think about it.  How many times do your kids watch 2 dudes in bed over and over before it is sensitized in the mind?  The war is on, time to fight.  God is Holy and our culture unholy.

Does it take getting used to?  Yes! And everyone should realize this is how you fight the battle against the culture.  Christians have been lazy for 50 years and learning how to navigate a menu is hardly asking you to go to war.  But it will impact the revenue streams of the sin culture.  And, you are directly supporting Christian content developers in the process.  That is the key, redirect your funds, Christians.  Stop feeding satan.  It also means leaving a lot of secular content behind.

Brave Christians, Stand Up

It is time to get active and control where you money goes.  No, Jeremy is not an Amish person and is irreverent in his humor.  But, he is willing to fight this nutcase world of libtardedness.  

Are you ready to engage against the onslaught of pedophiles on the left?  I’m not asking you to be burned at the stake.  Just cut cable and buy some chocolate from non-woke corporations.