Federal Vision Lookback

Does Doug Wilson’s involvement with Federal Vision demonstrate he is a heretic?  No, are you kidding me? 

Hear it from the horses mouth instead.

Don’t pay any attention to the guys at TheoCast, or others, who would tar and feather Doug. A hundred years from now Doug’s works at Canon will still be in circulation.  

Federal Vision was the name of a 2002 conference.  Federal meaning Covenant.  There were different views from theologians coming out of the conference.   Brandon Adams wrote an article that cast doubts in what Doug believes and drew a cloud of heresy around Doug.  However, due to Doug’s Presbyterian theology, there are challenges for Baptists in fully characterizing some doctrines from that denomination.  In addition, Brandon associates people Doug disagrees with theologically in a way that appears Doug agrees with them, like beliefs of Norman Sheppard denied by Doug.  It was guilt by association mis-applied.