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“In the beginning God Created…” everything

The second most important question to understanding the authentic Jesus is, do you believe the Bible’s account of creation is history?

If only Christians held to Biblical Authority like atheists hold to their dogma.

Students are being taught the Religion of Naturalism (RON) in every American educational outlet. RON is America’s state sponsored religion and the official religion of every public university, NASA, and the US Parks Service.  RON does not coexist with Christ and their aim is to eliminate Christ from culture.  Don’t help them achieve their goal by echoing evolution in the house and at church.

Exposed lies of evolution.

“Sciences” Freak Show

Apologetics of the Apostles

Genesis Apologetics

Evolution Breaks the Bible


Science that “Science” hides

Genesis Science Network

ICR Fast FactsInternational Creation Research.   60 two-minute fast facts about creation.

AiG..Answers – Answers in Genesis.  Topical index of everything creation.

AiG..Video Answers – Answers in Genesis.  Index of video content.

CTI Video AnswersCreation Training Initiative. 1 to 5 minute shorts on everything creation. 

Creation FAQsSearch for the Truth. FAQ list.

CMI QACreation Ministries International.  Topic List and FAQs.

CMI Answers 7 Myths Taught in Secular HS/CollegeCreation Ministries International. 5-15 minute myth busters.

CMI VideoCreation Ministries International.  Extensive Video List.

David Rives –  David Rives. Why Should you believe in Creation and not evolution video series.

Search for Truth – Bruce Malone – FAQs

Starting Point Origins. Jay Seegert. Understanding and Defending the Christian Worldview video series.

The Evils of EvolutionAnswers in Genesis Article.  1987.

Reasons Why Evolution is Dangerous and EvilClarion Magazine Article.  January 2010