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Like I have said elsewhere in the alien encounter, there is a money incentive to believe in aliens.  That is, the walking, talking, reasoning, Klingon kind.

Will testify About aliens for a GoveRnment Contract


Smoke and mirrors to pick the taxpayer pockets.

 Follow the Money

The Government wants to know what the government is hiding!  And the “whistleblowers” cannot say.

In the News – More of the same stuff, contact is imminent.  They are right but it is not the contact they are thinking.  Its contact of the Christ with Earth as He comes for the final consumation.  

Americans for Safe Aerospace.  Are you kidding me?  What if I could come up with a non-profit idea to tie aliens, who have never brought down an aircraft, to aircraft safety?  That would be like catching Moby Dick, enter ASA.  Collecting donations and applying for grants, it’s a money scheme.  In 29 years of military aviation flying F4s, A6s, and C-130s I never saw any UAPs in the sky.  I did see St. Elmos fire in the cockpit one time and a lightening bolt that traveled down the canopy rail. What we do know is our airspace contains balloons, Chinese, and Russian spy craft. They are not little nor gray nor nunexplained.  Think about it, we learned the Chinese have been flying balloons over our military bases for years and now they are alien craft?

 Pentagon – No Extraterrestrials… 3/8/2024

      • A Pentagon study released Friday that examined reported sightings of UFOs over nearly the last century found no evidence of aliens or extraterrestrial intelligence.
      • Looks like the grifters seeking alien research money failed.



NASA – No Extraterrestrials, BUT!… 9/14/2023

      • NASA agrees with NavigatgorsWay, there is no evidence for UFOs.
      • But, don’t leave NASA out of the money, give NASA money and they will eliminate all other possibilities and give you aliens.
      • Bravo NASA, spoken like a true politician.

Mexican Alien Mummies... 9/13/2023

Another Jaime Mussan “Ufologist” Fake