Ark Encounter & Creation Museum

Watch Genesis Paradise Lost before the trip

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Watch “The Ark and the Darkness” before the trip

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  • 4 day trip.  Two travel days and two attraction days.
  • 7.5 hours driving time.
  • The Ark is 45 minutes north of Lexington and the Creation Museum is another 45 minutes northwest of the Ark, south of Cincinnati. 
  • Each attraction has a zip line course for additional fees.
  • There are also Ala Carte attraction costs that would be optional for individuals interested.
  • If 15 or more go, group rates apply.
  • Hotels in Georgetown
  • Rustic Camping

Day 1 – Creation Museum Planning

  • Creation Museum Planning Secret – Get there around 8:15 – they open the parking lot at 8:30.  It is best to get there early as the planetarium ticket counter becomes a madhouse if you wait.
    • Go through the Welcome Center, Gardens, and into the Museum.  
    • Go directly to the counter where they are taking pictures and purchase (it is extra) your Planetarium tickets. As of this writing, planetarium tickets are not available online.   I rank the shows in this order, Created Cosmos, Christmas Star, and Aliens.  All are good.  
  • Now, take a look at the daily schedule they gave you at the Welcome center.
    • Go see “Encounter the Wonder” and “In Six Days” at the 4D theater across from the planetarium, around your planetarium ticket times.
  • Schedule Example:
      • 4D Theater 
        • Encounter the Wonder – 9:35 (11 Minutes)
        • In Six Days – 9:50 (22 Min in the same theater)
      • Get in line for the planetarium right across from the 4D.
      • Planetarium
        • Created Cosmos – 10:30
        • Aliens – 11:10
          • Christmas Star – If available
      • 11:30 Speaker.  Usually at 11:30 there is a speaker in the downstairs Legacy Hall.  Go down the hall by the 4D theater to the end and look for the steps going down.  At the bottom of the steps turn right and another immediate right.  Walk straight toward Legacy Hall.
  • Go back upstairs for LUNCH
  • Walk through the  main museum.  At the end there is a small bookstore, you are not done.  Walk past Legacy Hall down the narrow hall, turn right at the end, it will open up to a small snack bar.  On the left is a seperate Bug Museum and Dinosaur Museum.  On the right is Borderland, a recreation of Biblical times dress and customs.
  • Break
  • If you have any energy left:  Head outside to the gardens and petting zoo.

Day 2 – Ark Encounter  (Do it all Schedule) – Get there around 8:30

  • Option 1 – Early Riser
    • Get to the Ark on opening and head straight for the Ark.
    • Walk the Ark
    • Lunch around 12.
    • Go back up the the Bus drop and there is the Answers Auditorium.
      • There are usually shows and presentations
    • Then go back to the zoo
  • Option 2 – Mid riser – Get there around 9:00
    • Go to the Answers Auditorium and you will catch one or two shows.
    • Go to the Zoo behind the Ark
    • Lunch
    • Walk the Ark after 1:00.
  • Option 3 – Late Riser – Get there at 1:00
    • Go walk the Ark
    • Usually around 4:25 there is an animal encounter show in the zoo
    • Dinner – Ezra’s Kitchen closes at 6
    • Go back and see the rest of the zoo or a presentation at Answers Auditorium.
  • Of course, there are special events, like music events, that would upend all of this.