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You may have watched hours of movies and TV shows of evolutionists and atheists “proving” you came from a monkey.  Friend, you did not come from a monkey, God did not turn a monkey into a man, give Scientific Creationism a chance to explain.  If God did not specifically create man, it breaks the Bible in the first few verses.

Let’s start with some fun!

If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?

Ok, ok, it’s a joke not proof.  Watch the below films for the real proof. 

 A New Film Released August 9, 2023

By Genesis Apologetics

Journey to Novarupta


 Genesis Paradise Lost

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Evolution’s Achilles Heels

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Is Genesis History?

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Is Genesis History – Mountains


Echos of the Jurassic

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Voyage that Shook the World

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The Riot and the Dance


The Ark and the Darkness

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Evolution vs God

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Genesis Impact


A Matter of Faith





Creation Science in a Nutshell

CMI Interview







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Deliberate Deceptions (ASTV) The Grand Illusion (AIGTV)
Darwins Racist Secrets (ASTV) Dividing Fact from Fiction (AIGTV)
Death Culture (CMI) 3 Ways to Make an Apeman (AIGTV)
30 Out of Place Artifacts  (Bible Discoverytv)  


This 2008 film supports the Intelligent design movement.  Of course, NavigatorsWay does not hold this position as it is merely the basis of theistic evolution, However, it is worth watching to see how far “science” has fallen away from facts and the scientific method.  “Science” has made up its collective hive mind, no one is allowed to challenge them.

Intelligent Design – Design without a designer.  Intelligence without an identity. 

Theistic Evolution – Assigning the Intelligent Design idea an identity of the Christian God.