Vacations New Normal

As the world gets crazier through wokeness, I am less inclined to spend money at Disney or some other woke leftist organization.  Many corporations are overcharging for their product in order to put up numbers like $50,000,000 on various things from pride parades to leftist politicians that hate Christians. That is my money and your money that would never be allocated for a Christian parade or Pro-Life rally. Next vacation, think about taking a vacation that supports Christian outreach programs.  And you will have fun too.


Parks Across America Book

Creation Network – Click “More” for various resources

Visit Creation – Map of places throughout the world

Ark Encounter –Kentucky

Biblical History Center –Georgia

Creation Museum– Kentucky

Grand Canyon Ministries


Museum of the Bible –Washington DC

Northwest Treasures – Yellowstone, Alaska, Columbia River

Wind River Ranch – Colorado

Wycliffe Discovery Center-Orlando, FL

ICR Discovery Center – Dallas, TX

Mt Saint Helens Creation Center – Castle Rock WA

Museum of Biblical Art – Dallas, TX

The Promise – Glen Rose, TX

Sight and Sound Theater – Lancaster, PA – Branson, MO

Wonders Center – Dickson, TN

Creation Discovery Museum – St. Deerfield Beach, FL

Dinosaur Adventure Land – Lenox, AL

Living Waters Bible Camp – Westby, WI