“In the beginning God Created…” everything

The second most important question to understanding the authentic Jesus is, do you believe the Bible’s account of creation is history?


While this is the second most important question, it is often the weakest link in church discipleship programs.

Pastors and teachers can claim all students need to do is love Jesus and creation doesn’t matter, but this attitude is reckless.  A failure to take a strong stand on Genesis 1-11 leads:

  • young adults to discard Christ in the first college class because their home pastors already undermined Biblical authority for the atheist professor.  Soteriology arguments aside, it is our responsibility to prepare students who are in Christ to not struggle with their faith because of the atheist professors.
  • to a watered down view of sin
  • to a false gospel because the true gospels foundation  is washed away.
  • to many “Christians” being disengaged in “faith” (outside of praying over dinner) and agree with secular worldviews because they don’t believe the Bible is true.
  • to lazy and apathetic views from the pastoral leadership toward the major aggressor against Christ.   

Your children are being taught the Religion of Naturalism (RON) in every American educational outlet. RON is America’s state sponsored religion and the official religion of every public university, NASA, and the US Parks Service.  RON does not coexist with Christ and their aim is to kill Christ. RON regularly blasphemes the Holy Spirit.

Do you believe as Jesus did?

For certain, Jesus believed the history of the Torah, if you don’t already, have an open mind to believe the Biblical worldview Christ taught.



Science and Reason

Can you answer the pop quiz questions?

Faith is not blind.  Science has become blinded.  The only conclusion a reasoning person can come to when truly looking at the evidence is, God created.



Feature Films

The Truth is in There

Secular “Science” is now denying the evidence they see.  From soft tissue in dino bones to the evidence from Mount St. Helens. Meanwhile, Christian Scientists from across disciplines are making more and more strides to understanding a universe of God’s creation.  




Creation Answers from Top Apologists 

A good way to dive in and learn that the Bible is true.



Creationists Everywhere

You are not alone

When you embrace the truths of the Bible and the information God left us to see Him, you are not on an island.  Of course, secular schools will never tell you there is a network of creationists.  



Creation Vacation

Discover the creation in an uplifting way

There is an alternative to the secular worship of the creation.  Discover the creation the way God meant it to be revealed.

The Defense Rests