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Bible Skeptics or Intelligent Design. NavigatorsWay believes in creation as described in the Bible, which is far from intelligent design.  The Intelligent Design movement suffers from theological problems that evolutionary theories inject into a Biblical worldview. Worse, they may agree with evolutionary theories that end in an opposite worldview to Christiantiy. But, their research can be useful, since when it comes to origins, they see God. As a result, they may present useful arguments to atheist evolution theorists over causality. The worst part about it is they are, quite frankly, errored.  How could the God of the universe leave us a Bible with so many creation errors?  He didn’t. 

Kolbe Center – for Catholics

Discovery Institute

John LennoxDr. Lennox’s views are at odds with what is in the Bible and his arguments have been refuted many times over.  His evolutionary views are welcomed by secularized Christians, but the evidence is clearly pointing to the Biblical account of history.

  • The “ammunition” Dr. Lennox provides in regard to origins is a step backward not forward.  He uses straw man arguments against Creationists and is ultimately a divide in Christianity.
  • Dr Lennox is afraid of being labeled “anti-intellectual” and therefore he sees Creationists as “anti-intellectual.”
  • A really nice and sincere guy that is completely wrong on origins. We ask Dr. Lennox to go to Answer in Genesis and present his arguments there, and then react to AiG views on the same evidence.  
  • Full answers to Dr. Lennox’s teachings.  
  • NavigatorsWay recommends running from John Lennox’s worldview of the Bible.  He is in concert with the atheist conclusions of origins and packs into the Bible their beliefs then reinterprets scripture.  The major enemy of scripture today is evolution, and Dr. Lennox is unwittingly helping their cause.

Phillip E. Johnson

Richard Nelson – On this site it was not front and foremost that Richard believes in creation.  But, there are excellent research links here.