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Follow the data…

Dr. Doug Wilson

Theological explanation

Dr. Mary Schweitzer

Follow the data…unless

Dr Grady McMurtry

Why it matters…

Earth Age may not be a salvation issue, but it can lead to false converts from a false gospel.

If I believe the tenants of RON below, am I saved?


At university, you are brain washed into a worldview of everything coming from nothing and belief in only relative truth where the only certainty is; you can know nothing for certain. 

The Babylon Bee


Christians believe in Natural Selection!

Snopes cries conspiracy on Christians again!  Of course, Snopes is part of the broader big tech conspiracy against conservatives.

Attacks on Scripture

Who else but John MacArthur to prepare the church for attacks on the Bible that started with the Genesis 3 and continue to this day.

Big Bang Myth



Millions of Years

Where did that idea come from?

3 Part Presentation (25 Min Each)

Dr. Terry Mortenson

CT Scan

University brain wash innoculation

CT Scan Course

Patricia Engler