Biblical Deconstruction Theories (BDTs)

Inconsistent with Biblical Authority

Science Losing Faith

Evolution Fading Away

Theistic Evolution

Intelligent Design

More BDT Organizations


Creationists stand on Biblical Authority, and have the evidence to back it up.

Wayne Grudem

Leaky Creationist sees gaps in the genealogies and needs more time to fit secular archeological timelines.

John Lennox

Science is literal, Genesis is poetry. Bad poetry, but poetry. No surprise John is Armenian.

Hugh Ross

Progressive Creation is evolution

Phillip Johnson

Intelligent Design, Creation without a creator

Andy Stanley

If you inject the foundational beliefs of Genesis from John Lennox, Hugh Ross, and Phillip Johnson, you get the wild and compromised theology of Andy Stanley.  Secular evolutionist not needed.

Cross Examined

Accepts any theory that includes millions of years.


Heretical is an understatement

Amounts to earth worship

“Reality is my God. Evidence is my scripture.”  These people make Andy Stanley seem like John Calvin.

Matt Walsh

We love the efforts Matt Walsh has taken to fight the wildfire of pedophilia that is taking our kids by storm.  Matt is a warrior that believes in aliens.