Biblical Authority on Trial

Ken Ham and Andy Stanley, in the octagon of Biblical Truth.

Biologos on Trial

Al Mohler takes the heretical BioLogos to task.  Outstanding presentation demonstrating the Bible is all or nothing. 


Evolution on Trial

Dawkins Disciple to Christ Disciple

Scientific Creationism

  • Not Christian or Scientist.
  • Not Christianity or Science.
  • Because of God, we have Scientific fields of study.
  • Because of God, we have Laws of Science.
  • Because of God, we have Laws of Logic.
  • Biology is irreducibly complex. A bee hive cannot be explained through incrementalism.
  • A God that spoke the universe into being did not give us a creation myth.
  • We have an eye witness account of creation history.
  • As the globalist world creates new terms, “science” is now a persona that only sees the world through a secular humanist lens.
  • A secular humanist lens denies scientific evidence, such as the scientific impossibility of dinosaur tissue lasting 65 million years.
  • Aliens are a construct of an evolutionary worldview.  Not one single shred of alien evidence exists, except in the imaginations of men and movies.
  • Alien “science” is known as Astrobiology.  A “science” discipline created from nothing, much like the big bang, where the universe came from nothing.
  • For aliens to get to earth, they will have to break known laws of physics.  What does that say of mans ability to reach a distant galaxy? Only in the movies.
  • Evolution has painted itself into a corner, and “science” knows it.  That is why they won’t debate Cristian Scientists.  They only have name calling.
  • “Science” and its inability to prove its theories has given us the imaginary metaverse.
  • Portals and infinite versions of you, the end result of secular “science”.
  • During the height of the monkey to man push to kick Christianity out of school, Louis Berkhof (died 1957) never wavered. 



Pop Quiz

What are the 3 assumptions used in radiometric dating?  

If a worldwide flood happened, what would you expect to find?  

If dinosour bones had remaining soft tissue, what would be your first conclusion?

If “Science” is the arbiter of truth, has “science” not proven:

  • Virgins cannot have baby’s?
  • People do not come back from the dead?

Why would Jesus need to die for sin occurring in a mythical Eden by a mythical Adam?

If Adam was created from a monkey, is the Bible account wrong?

You owe it to yourself to review answers to the above from a Biblical worldview. The evidence is the same, it’s the worldview that drives the conclusions.