Jesus made it clear that Christians should first seek the Kingdom of God.  Post-modern and post-Christian America in practice set 3 obstacles that deny the sufficiency of scripture before the generations and get in the way of Jesus command to seek His kingdom.

This site provides resources to help overcome each obstacle. Scripture provides everything needed to live life, pursue sanctification, and to be Godly in Christ Jesus.(2 Pet 1:3)

The First Obstacle – Unorthodox Theology

As woke indoctrination infiltrates the churches and seminaries, unsound doctrine is being preached.  The Scriptarium will provide resources to Biblically sound doctrine. 

The Second Obstacle – Not believing the Bible is History

The university is counting on the church itself to undermine Christian history by denying Genesis 1-11 as some made up story.  From there, completely replacing Christianity with secularism can be done in a couple of lectures.  The Creation page resources defend Genesis 1-11 as history. Not believing Genesis 1-11 as history is why many churches look no different than the world.  

The Third Obstacle – False Christianity

Many false teachers have come since the 1st century and today it seems more are false than true. We recommend the below site for false teacher research.

What this site is not:

  1. While we will present arguments to prove Christian history is true, we have no interest whatsoever in argumentative posts or email, so we don’t do it. 
  2. This site is not about easy Christianity.  Resources provide an opportunity to dive deeper into what it means to be sanctified.

Who is this site for?

  1. Christians that believe atheists conclusions that the Bible account of creation is wrong.
    • Do you believe the Religion of Naturalism taught by atheists over God being creator taught by Christian scientists?  How did you come to that conclusion? Have you ever considered the Christian worldview.
  2. Christians looking for resources for their ministries.