Biblical Authority

  • All other roads lead to paganism.
  • False evangelical churches focus on entertainment, fog machines, skinny jeans, group therapy, “leadership”, political activism, sin being more prevalent in one “*race” over another, signs and wonders all of which twist Biblical doctrine.
  • You can no longer assume a person claiming Christianity is orthodox. If Christianity seems messed up these days, from the outside looking in, it is jacked up beyond all recognition. The orthodox Christianity leading people to found America is gone. However, the one true church continues submitting to Biblical authority and abiding in Christ. Welcome to the site that points you to the North Star of Christianity, the Bible.
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Biblical Doctrine

The Scriptarium menu provides resources to Biblically sound doctrine. 

Biblical History

The Genesis 1-11 menu provides resources defend Genesis 1-11 as history.  Every person I have met that does not believe the Biblical account of creation has doctrinal beliefs outside of Biblical teaching.  It’s that big of a deal.