• Holding fast to Christ in the ruins of a Christian nation and wreckage of western civilization.  – Rebekah Merkle
  • Scripture provides everything needed to live life, pursue sanctification, and be Godly in Christ Jesus.(2 Pet 1:3)

Jesus made it clear that Christians should first seek the Kingdom of God.  This site provides resources to understand then defend doctrines of the Christian faith which lead to understanding the Kingdom.  I have organized resources into three main buckets:  Biblical doctrine, Genesis 1-11 is history, and researching false gospel teachers. 

Biblical Doctrine

The Scriptarium will provide resources to Biblically sound doctrine. 

Genesis 1-11 is History

The university is counting on the church itself to undermine Christianity by attacking Genesis 1-11 in preaching.  The Creation menu resources defend Genesis 1-11 as history. 

The False Gospel 

Many false teachers have come since the 1st century and today it seems more are false than true. We recommend the below site for false teacher research and the political culture war.