NavigatorsWay is not ashamed of The Gospel and totally confident scripture is sufficient for everything in life.

  • Christians have two choices:
    • Follow the likes of Andy Stanley’s false intellectualism toward the culture, acceptance of open sin, and rejection orthodox Christianity.  In other words, follow false teachers into “worship centers” that look, smell, sound, and feel like the secular culture.
    • Follow God’s authoritative and inerrant Word, commit to discipleship strengthening through apologetics study, and sanctification in Christ.  In other words, trust the Bible cover to cover in order to be bold and optimistic in the midst of a death culture.

Biblical Doctrine

The Scriptarium menu provides resources to Biblically sound doctrine. 

Genesis 1-11 is History

The Apologetics menu provides resources defend Genesis 1-11 as history.  Every person I have met that does not believe the Biblical account of creation has doctrinal beliefs outside of Biblical teaching.  It’s that big of a deal.