Theistic Evolution and the

Intelligent Design Movement






“If you believe in Intelligent Design, it means you fell for the age of earth being billions of years old.  Becoming a Theistic Evolutionist is the next step.”

Like Peanut Butter and Jelly 

Intelligent Design

The “Intelligent Design” movement is led by scholars who argue that the design of living systems—and even the nonliving elements of the universe—suggest design but does not suggest a designer.

Theistic Evolution

Theistic evolution is the idea that God used evolutionary processes.  The “Christian Evolutionist” picks up here ID left off and assigns a designer.


NavigatorsWay holds the position that Theistic Evolution is untenable. Even the great RC Sproul once held to Theistic Evolution and later changed to the Biblical creation position, finding the former untenable. There are many theological problems with it, including the nature of God.  The gymnastics you have to do with the Bible to shoehorn IDM into the Bible is excessive.  

The result of IDM and TE we are seeing across the country is moving Genesis out of the pulpits and replacing it with the world.

While the topics of Intelligent Design and Theistic Evolution are often discussed separately, they are brothers of the same mother.

And, while the intent of the Intelligent Design Movement and Theistic Evolution is at its heart a desire for truth, they simply miss it by a galaxy. Truth has nothing to do with good intentions. 

NavigatorsWay has attended churches believing first in Intelligent Design, then used Theistic Evolution to shoehorn it into the Bible.  The other common characteristic was a belief in man’s will over God’s sovereignty.  This is the trifecta that leads to false religionists.