The Religion of Naturalism

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Why does “science” have faith in aliens?  Because the Religion of Naturalism demands it! 

  • Faith in millions of years forces the conclusion aliens evolved off world. 
  • Their worldview of life coming from nothing concludes life came from nothing throughout the universe.
  • The field of Astrobiology was created based solely on faith.  There is no evidence whatsoever that any life exists on other planets.  This is purely a “science” birthed out of faith in RON.
    • Astrobiology is the study of the origins, evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe. NASA.
    • They postulate aliens will be well advanced past humans.  Why?  Because RON knows the aliens will have to break known laws of physics to get here. For example, as speeds increase, mass increases.  In addition, objects going these speeds, if hitting a speck of space dust, will explode into vapor if using known technologies and applying known laws of physics. 
    • With ZERO evidence, RON has Faith in aliens, can you believe it?

The University System – Religion of Naturalism Evangelists

The university system worldwide espouses millions of years as fact.  However, an unbiased review of the facts yields a conclusion that the facts do not support an evolutionary view.  From the rocks, to the bones, cosmology, laws of logic and laws of science there is no evolution.  Indeed, this site demonstrates this using secular research facts resoundingly.  

We can say that secular universities worship at the temple of evolutions dogma because the facts do not support the hypothesis. What else can we call it but faith?  Particularly when scientists proactively seek one conclusion. And when they don’t find it, they are scared to report it. Indeed, evolution was hatched with a motivation to attack Christ.

RON Dogma

Dogma and tenets of the Religion of Naturalism

  • Evolution’s Dogma
    • There is no God
    • There is no absolute truth
    • Since there is no absolute truth, we cannot truly know anything.  You could be in a matrix.
    • The universe formed itself out of nothing over billions of years absolutely, despite the logical fallacies of this belief
  • Absolute Truths from the dogma
    • Man evolved from a monkey over millions of years, absolutely
    • Death came before man entered the world, absolutely
    • “Forget Jesus, the stars died to create you”, is absolutely true
    • Man is an animal that through survival of the fittest determines a relative truth, absolutely
    • You must absolutely believe in billions of years in the face of contrary data such as soft dino tissue, rapid fossilization, the ice age, no transitional forms, the geologic column found nowhere in nature (only in evolutionary books), etc. or forfeit your next promotion and thesis, absolutely.
    • These things you know absolutely, and changes to the dogma are permitted only if billions of year is upheld. 
  • Tenets of RON (Concepts RON believers hold to)
    • CRT identifies racism
    • Abortion is a woman’s choice right up until the baby is on the table, then maybe 5 minutes more depending on the wickedness of the state
    • Gender is a choice
    • Gay marriage is an evolution of man
    • Universities allow biological men to compete in biological women’s sports and other universities cannot speak against it. 
    • There is no truth to Creation and but one truth in where we came from: Evolution


For atheists holding firm to an absolute truth that you can know absolutely nothing, this is all I have for you. If you are resolute in rejecting Christ, you will be comfortable watching Mr. Rue where he struggles for reality. (“Evolution is driven by dynamics of deception”, “Nature provides….”,  “Nature drives …”)  

For atheists that doubt their faith in nothing, the gospel is for you.

Christian Evolutionists”

Evolution is not a salvation issue.  At the same time, evolution/millions of years is a Gospel issue.  So there is the great paradox, can we be saved by a destroyed Gospel?  We can be justified without knowledge of origins evidence on either side.  After justification, as we are sanctified the Holy Spirit shows us scripture not only can be trusted, but that it is a Christians imperative to submit to its authority.  The Word is God.

In addition, a Christian that submits to evolution’s dogma may fall prey to its tenets.   And surly we are seeing that across Christendom.  Submit yourself to an examination of Biblical truth for it is impossible to follow unrighteousness and be saved, the Holy Ghost won’t permit it. By definition, to be saved by Christ is to turn from sin and toward Christ.  No measure of cancel culture will change God or the definition of sin.

Who do you say Jesus is?

Who we say Jesus is, well that is the most important question of our lives. 

Rejecting the true Christ is impacted by our response to evolution and the Genesis 1-11 attack.  Once a person concludes Genesis 1-11 is false,  worshipping at the church of RON follows, just ask Jeffery Dahmer. 

Judge Not

Before the “judge not” card is thrown, pointing people to the Bible as authority is not judgement. Creationists hold the same Bible standard to themselves. We point to the judge, His righteousness, and the authority upon which we are all judged.  We don’t point to ourselves except to proclaim we are sinners.  We deal with the log in our own eyes first, then point to His righteousness.


In addition, did you know that Christian Religion used to be in the Science department?  Well, it still is in the Science department, in the form of RON.  

However, Science is simply knowledge and Christian scientists are seeking to know God more through His creation. I am fully offended when ”Scientists” such as Mary Schweitzer claim creationists are not only anti-science but not interested in the gospel.  This is a lie easily disproved.  What we can prove is Mary’s ideals (as self-proclaimed Christian) align neatly with atheists. 

Being a follower of the Religion of Naturalism and claiming Christianity will fail to find the Kingdom of God because it is a false idol that Jesus rejected in His earthly ministry.

All or Nothing

Being a follower of Christ means the Bible is an all or nothing proposition.  Did you know that atheists don’t want to debate Christians that believe in evolution and millions of years?  Why should they, atheists already won the debate when they see you affirming their dogmas and tenets.  You are a mere fool to them. 

 However, if you believe the Bible as authority, they know they are at a disadvantage.  This site has so many proofs about the the unbelievability of the Big Bang and evolution.  Even so, it’s not about the evidence, it is about your heart.  If you believe in Christ, Christ through the Holy Spirit will reveal entire Bible is the Gospel. 

1 Kings 18:21

And Elijah came to all the people, and said, “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.” But the people answered him not a word.