Apologetics Class Resources

It was a pleasure teaching your class over the last several weeks. Evolution and millions of years has created an anti-god worldview and is the greatest stumbling block to this generation. 

Here are some recommendations to continue your walk to becoming more like Christ. 

  1. Download the Genesis Apologetics App.  This is a great resource for quick answers.
  2. Bookmark the Answers in Genesis website.  Another great resources for quick answers.
  3. Get with your parents and configure your smart devices (phones, iPads, computers, etc.) to block porn.  I realize this is a sensitive topic, but the youngest generation has been marred by porn so throughly it is causing the entire culture to crash.  Here is a guide for how to do it.
  4. Consider a trip to the Ark Encounter this spring.  A sign-up sheet will be at the back of the church sanctuary soon.
  5. Be vigilant in recognizing truth.  “Christian Evolutionist” organizations, know they exist and be cautioned. Every compromise in scripture leads to unorthodox beliefs.
  6. Blind cave fish experiment.  The Astyanax mexicanus (Mexican tetra).

The Lie Summarized in 55 Minutes

I encourage you to watch this 55 minute video as a great synopsis of “The Lie” book.

Millions of years:

  1. Challenges the inerrancy of scripture
  2. Impugns the character of God
  3. Makes the Gospel unintelligible


These Scientific Papers Destroy Evolution

The theory of evolution is still dead, never was alive, and science proves it.  A highly recommended 46 minute video.

Darwin’s origin of species never answered the question of origin.

Institute for Creation Research

Coming soon – Class Slides